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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by Andy — Oct 15
Hi all. Well apparently the problem i'm having with jerky video is to do with the H.264 codec ????. I cannot get any of the videos to play smoothly on the PC (WinXP), and i have tried VLC, Win Media Classic, Win Media 11, Cyberlink Power DVD, Divx Player etc etc. The ONLY player it seems to work good on is Nero Show, but my version is only a 30 day trial !!!!. This MUST be to do with the codec the zi6 uses, that codec must be used in Nero Show, but not in the other softwares i have tried.

Do i need to try and find the H.264 codec for my PC ?, where would i get that from ?. Hope it's free, after paying 130 for this camcorder i definitely don't want to have to pay anything more !!

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