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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by Paul — Oct 26
Follow-up on the previous post re: .mov files. The day after I sent the post, with a clearer brain, I tried again. What I discovered: 1) for some reason, the MAcBook opens iPhoto when the Zi6 is plugged into it; 2) I mistook this for iMovie, and told it to download the files; 3) I finally got the .mov files to import into iMovie by changing a setting from "current" to "original" (file type, I think). And it works great! I've since downloaded directly from the Zi6 ti iMovie by closing iPhoto when it pops open, and using "import" from within iMovie.

So far, I'm very pleased with the Zi6 compared to the FlipUltra I have (I might keep the Flip if they ever ship the back ordered underwater case I also ordered). Zi6 quality is excellent, the SD card slot makes it a better camera for traveling without a laptop, the screen is larger, the still photo feature is good, and it has a macro setting (a wow feature for me - I like to photo bugs, flowers, etc.). The big drawback so far - the included software is PC only. Maybe not a problem due to having iMovie, but the Flip software (built in to the camera) has some nice easy features.
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