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Comment on "Separation of Model and View Web Frameworks"
by Ringo De Smet — Dec 03
@Scott: Personally, though, I'm used to framing things using dynamic languages and the design concepts in Cocoa. That said, I could be convinced to use the Java language if the frameworks and design patterns were closer to those in Cocoa and Rails.

If you are still interested in hosting on a Java VM, but want more of the nice things of a dynamic language, have a look at Groovy and Grails. I have a background in Smalltalk, and I was quite delighted to find this language on the Java VM.

Oh, and on the application server side, a new kid on the block: SpringSource dm Server. It is not only limited to JEE, but it can also host a real server process. Packaging is based on the OSGi specifiacation, which is in the process of becoming a standard packaging model in the Java world.

I am writing a series of articles on the combination of Groovy, Grails and the dm Server product. The first article has been posted. The second article is in the preparation phase as I write this. Have a look at my blog and feel free to contact me for more details.
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