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Comment on "Objective-C, Ruby and Python for Cocoa"
by Jay Kickliter — Mar 13
I know much of this is out of date, but I have a personal experience to share.

I really enjoy embedded programming, and maybe that is shaping my view of learning Application programming on a Mac. Nevertheless, I tried to learn RubyCocoa/MacRuby. But after a bit of frustration, I commited myself to learning Cocoa/Objc. I just couldn't see the benefit of Ruby/Python. Mayby some loops would be easier to do, but I just don't see the benefit. Especially since XCode autocompletes. It's not like there's that much more typing to do. I really like how readable objective-c is.

Not sure what my point is, other than I'm one of those casual programmers that the bindings where meant for, but found it to be a bigger pain than it was worth. Cocoa was designed with objective-c and has been around a long time, it works well. I just don't want Apple to overaccomodate different languages. With so many choices, you're actually making it harder for people to get started-the same people you were trying to help along. I don't want choices, just a platform that works very well and is consistant.
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