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Comment on "Measuring the Design Process"
by Yong Su Kim — Mar 21
Great blog post!

To me, making decisions purely based on data is a utopian fallacy.

The quote that comes to mind is "There are lies, damned, lies, and then there's statistics." The same could be said for data.

We've all been in situations where data has been used to justify a decision that has been made even before the data was collected.

It's all too easy in a political environment to design and shape the outcome of the data used to make decisions. It's no surprise that people get fed up with it and decide to move on.

I think what has been interesting is seeing the evolution of Google's design over the last few years. It's clear with their newer products that their approach to design has improved significantly. Kudos to Doug Bowman and his team for being able to tug the aircraft carrier a few degrees in the right direction.

Since Google is an important service for many of us, let's hope that Google continues to evolve their design in the right direction, instead of just falling back on "data".
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