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Comment on "Measuring the Design Process"
by Eric — Mar 22
It's hard to really know what Doug's experiences at Google were actually like based solely on his job's epitaph. But the web design process can and should incorporate feedback loops. Usability testing, focus groups, and yes A/B and multivariate testing all provide context and guidance for an iterative, evolutionary design process. Most companies lack the budget/resources/execution for thorough testing, but obviously not Google. Is there an over-reliance on data-driven decision methods? Perhaps. But even in the ad agency world, where creative directors rule the roost, ultimately they are held accountable for the ROI/profitability of a campaign, particularly now that online advertising (e.g., search) makes it possible to know (not guess) exactly how effective one creative was vs. another. Of course Google itself has played a pivotal hand in shaping web advertising accountability. But isn't this a macro trend that graphic design will need to embrace?
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