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Comment on "Measuring the Design Process"
by Romme Abesames — Mar 22
Gabe da Silveira, I think you are falling into the false dichotomy that I was trying to point out

re: "As useful as numbers are for validating and tweaking things, they can not replace the understanding of a talented designer",

I fully agree data should not replace the designer (or the creative design process)...but the talented designer also doesn't replace data. The talent and wealth of experience of the designer allows certain aspects of the design to proceed by leaps and bounds without bothering to quibble and double check every minor detail. This is where solid principles and inspiration comes in. But when rubber hits the road, it is data that drives the conclusion.

This is similar to many industrial/commercial creative endeavors. An inventor doesn't focus on the numbers when coming up with something totally new. But the invention prospers or withers by the numbers it "produces"... # of units sold, % improvement in X over previous products, % lower cost for the same features, etc. This is not limited to graphic and web design...this is actually how engineering and science works a lot of times.

Eric I think is in the right direction when he commented
"But even in the ad agency world, where creative directors rule the roost, ultimately they are held accountable for the ROI/profitability of a campaign, particularly now that online advertising makes it possible to know exactly how effective one creative was vs. another"

It is easy to fall into the false dichotomy. Companies and organizations that can straddle both sides have a better chance of overall success.
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