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Comment on "Oblivion on Xbox 360"
by ken — Apr 25
Are you seriously comparing an Imac to an Xbox? Listen the tricore cpu in a console is completely different than a tricore you would find on a desktop or a laptop. You are comparing apples to oranges. This is why people are confused when an arcade game can't be emulated well on their super quad core cpu they aren't the same arch type and even the ram you are referring to isn't the same. Oblivion has xbox performance issues even when you load it to the hard drive but it's more to do with it being hastily put out to port rather than an issue with the xbox hardware. Remember oblivion had quite a few issues on the pc and even to this day there are bugs that the community has had to fix. Now as far as the native res thing, No idea what he's talking about how would he know what your native res is anyway? and you could always lower it etc. 300+ card is nonsense and so is a hdtv that has dick to do with performance. Even in 06 you didn't need a 300+ card to run it, and now you can simply shell out 99 bucks for a 9800gt and presto your game. This is a necro thread I know but I'll post this for any future fanboys who want to talk out of their asses.
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