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Comment on "Thinking Like a Cocoa Programmer"
by mkppk — May 13
Nice, all the rules I follow, some without even realizing it.. but seeing them in print I immediately recognize that it is what I am trying to accomplish.

I write a lot of Java code to create very large and complicated web-based apps, for tha man.. I have also written several iPhone apps within the past year using Cocoa, in my free time. My personal computers are all Macs and I use Cocoa for personal projects, and PCs/Java only at work.

YES - the Mac/iPhone Cocoa frameworks make it much easier to follow and succeed at the Rules in the article. Cocoa programmers are probably especially inclined to embrace the Rules since they are more likely to inherently care about user experience (they chose to program for Mac, and probably prefer them themselves!).

NO - none of the rules are specific to Cocoa.. any project, for any platform, on any OS, using any framework, written in any language will benefit from All of thes Rules in the article. I love the article and Cocoa, but it does come off as a bit Cocoa-elitist (not to say that such a thing is bad, we should be proud that we try to achieve a higher standard).
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