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Comment on "What Do People Find Challenging About Cocoa?"
by Scott — May 16
I've found that there aren't that many resources for learning how to design your project from scratch. Specifically, there several great tutorials out there (many of which you have created--thank you for that), but all that I've come across take the strategy of walking someone through a project and explaining why the author choose to do things the way she did. The existing tutorials are great if you want to copy their basic architecture, but it can be difficult for a newbie to have the confidence to design something on his own.

I would love to read a tutorial that outlines a problem that a developer wants to solve, and then walks the reader through the various ways they might want to structure the project to accomplish his solution to that problem. The tutorial could explore several different directions at various stages of the project and explain the pro's and con's of each path. I think learning why this project was designed the way it was (vs. some of the other ways it could have been implemented) would be incredibly valuable to people teaching themselves Cocoa.

Nice to see you are still posting here too. I'm not much on twitter, and I find your insights invaluable. Thanks for all you have done/still continue to do for the Cocoa community.
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