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Comment on "What Do People Find Challenging About Cocoa?"
by Kenneth Barber — May 16
I fall into the coming from C/C++/ box. I haven't had any trouble with the language syntax or the memory management technique. My 3 big gotchas came from:

A. The IDE took a bit of getting used to.

B. The objective-c runtime and its dynamic nature had me intrigued, confused, and worried all at the same time. I thought of all of the things I could do with it and how easy somethings are in the language. I thought a little too much about it. My productivity dropped quite a bit as a started looking at the whole thing academically. It took me 6 months to bounce back although I am still prone to relapse.

C. Cocoa is yet another large api I have to come to grips with. This means yet another round of "which way is the best way to do ???". This has been the most time consuming part of learn to develop for either Cocoa or Cocoa Touch.

I code professional in C/C++ and C# using various libraries and IDEs. Going back and forth between them is sometimes frustrating. I must be getting old....
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