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Comment on "What Do People Find Challenging About Cocoa?"
by Todd — May 17
Since I am not on tweeter and doubt that I will be anytime soon, the following is my response to the questions: what specifically was the biggest obstacle was when you first started learning Cocoa.

1. Objective-C and having to go back and deal with header files. Come on, now

2. The nuances of UI widgets and interface builder. This was very different from Swing, Winforms, gtk and frankly everything else known. Of course the simple GUIs with handful of elements was very ease to pickup, but once I started needing multiple tabs, custom controls and advanced coordination between element...whoa.

3. Lack of 3rd party cocoa libraries. Without these I had to write stuff from scratch...ugh

4. No datagrid for displaying/sorting/filter database data.
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