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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by Drew — Jun 05
I have the Kodak zi6. I bought it for the sole purpose of taking youtube vids and also for some minor travel recording when out and about etc.

One thing no one has been talking about it JUST HOW ZOOMED IN the camera is on your damn face even when zoomed all the way out at arms length. This is where you enter your big ugly face joke. =0)

The video seems to be good...better than most...but the zoom is making me crazy. not only that...but truth is...for one watches HD vids. They just take too long to upload/ etc. Most people just stick with the old....regular...and maybe HQ setting. My point is...all this HD doesn't really do a whole lot of good just yet for youtubers.

So for me....If the zoom wasn't already set naturally to MACRO I would record in 640x480 and be happy. It's great video for the price...and allows me to change the format....from regular to HD 30fps then hd 60 fps. (a setting you would never use on youtube)

anyway. I'm gonna return it...cause I'm just not happy with the zoom on my face.

The next problem is that there are so many models to choose from with the flip. I wanna be able to have the regular format (640x480)....which will drop into windows movie maker....and hopefully will let me film HD IF and when I want to.

Anyway suggestions?
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