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Comment on "Not a Professional Web Developer!"
by Ben — Jan 23
I'm just an average comsumer who's dabbled in HTML/CSS and I am not a knowledgable fellow re: HTML but, from what I've read about iWeb, it could do a better job of its HTML/CSS implementations. That being said, the people who care how it's implemented would be a minority, a small and vocal minority.

iWeb is indeed a little application so the average-Joe can pump out a little website to keep his/her little world up to date on their life. The end user doesn't care about HTML/CSS/AJAX/Servers/Clients/...

I would equate it to people who are interested in cars, interested in how/why a car company was able to squeeze an extra 4kw from an engine, or how the fuel consumption differs from the MkII model. Compared to the general populace who purchases a new car because of a whole different array of features.

I understand that the people who have been vocal call upon "standards, standards, standard", but in essence Apple (in their general blind arrogance) have produced a product that "just works" and not cared to greatly with the implementation.

I guess the engineers in Apple where saying, "Hey, we can make this HTML/CSS beautiful and that minority who care about HTML/CSS will be really proud of what we've done... Now that I think about it those people who will care about how this is implemented and how we've conformed to standards will probably not even use our product. They will continue textwrangler and custom Dreamweaver websites, probably take a quick look at iWeb and quickly discard it, let's just do what we want. What say you?"

Now I am generalising, and I think I've moved away from what you were originally saying Scott. But I guess what I am trying to say is, as a general consumer, "Who gives a...?"
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