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Comment on "What Do People Find Challenging About Cocoa?"
by John Joyce — Jun 20
Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) people will definitely have an advantage with the Objective-C object model and are already open-minded about syntax.
Their only problem should be retain/release and using semicolons again.

C programmers, not experts, just a little exposure, will certainly get it.

Combination of Rails and C background? Almost home free except Rails docs are miles beyond just about anything else out there.

MacRuby shows this combination meaning a lot.

Coming from C++ or Java? You're definitely in a new land. Basic C++ is not so terribly different from C, but the STL is a lot more terse than Cocoa and the terms for things are certainly worlds apart at times.

Delegates. Yes. These can be mysterious at first. For lots of people. Not more than understanding "callbacks" in C or C++ or any other C-like language. This is where some sort of experience with a good framework / API will benefit people. PHP is often used Ad Hoc without frameworks. Not the best path to come from. Java... so different in terms of conventions from everything else (other than the basic C-like syntax) that this causes some stumbling.

Delegates are more conceptually clear if you've worked with other frameworks that are well thought out. Just saying...

Python? You'll do as well as Ruby folks for sure.

Doing Audio/Video/Graphics?? Well, if you came from a strong C++ or C background with that, you'll fit right in in that realm.
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