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Comment on "Not a Professional Web Developer!"
by Scott Stevenson — Jan 23
I think the concern is not that the average user of iWeb cares, but those among us that care about the web's journey towards being a universal medium would like to see something better.

That is, the web is only as good as the pages that make it up. In theory, the better the page markup, the more universal access to its contents will be.

This, I think, is where my message got lost. I actually do know a thing or two about web standards work as I've been doing this for ten years and have been pushing for standards for at least eight of those. But by saying it was "pretty good," I somehow gave the impression that Apple had no work to do in this area.

What I meant was that it's not perfect and hopefully the next version is more capable, but they did connect with the single biggest issue related to web standards: properly-formed documents and stylesheets meeting W3 specs.
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