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Comment on "My Data Says You Like Beautiful Things"
by Lukas Mathis — Oct 19

"Putting trust in the aggregate is useful when you're actually looking for statistical data, but could a computer have ever dreamed up an iPhone?"

I don't really understand the dichotomy here. Google doesn't use computers to "dream up" user interfaces; they use statistical data to evaluate the "effectiveness" of user interfaces dreamt up by humans. I think the main difference between Google and most other companies (and the reason why Google is more successful than most other companies) is that Google puts a design's actual "effectiveness" above its designer's ego.

So this:

"One piece of software I'm working on right now has gone through many iterations of user interface, implementation, and even overall strategy."

Is probably pretty much what Google does, too; but Google uses statistical data to decide whether a design needs to be abandoned or improved, and to decide which one of a number of possible designs works best.

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