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Comment on "Wired on Steve and Bill's Social Status"
by Kettil — Jan 26
My personal view is that we all are equipped with the same potential for intelligence. Most people might do an effort to direct this toward any specific goal, but these goals differ. I feel that while Steve has done a tremendous effort at making good products, Gates does not share the same goal. A person with that much resources would use them better if that were the case. It is quite obvious to me that money does not come from nothing. Money accumulates through choices made consciously or not so consciously by large amounts of people. While Jobs has appealed to people looking for quality, Gates has simply gone for the masses of people just looking for a computer. Sure there have been visionaries in the windows world, but it does not surprise me that the desire to innovate emerges in a static world. The mac spirit survives through Jobs' vision, clearer and clearer to behold, and his awareness of our innate desire for great control over our own lives. This is Apple's spirit, and it goes back an infinitely long time.
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