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Comment on "Ruby Enterprise Edition on Mac OS X Leopard"
by wall calendar — Feb 01
I dont understand why Ruby Enterprise edition crashes all the time. Phusion passenger seems to have no problem and this crashing specifically happens to Leopard 64 bit edition.

Phusion is currently addressing one of platform's biggest obstacles iť deployment, thereby creating a stge of revolution.Good thing passenger doesn't have to deal with CGI anymore because it deploys Rail apps nearly as simple as deploying PHP applications. What we find more interesting is that the passenger installation is easy. Its clear and succinct and corrects us by giving suggestions when something goes wrong. The ruby installation, however, seems to be a bit more hectic for me not because it isn't simple but because whenever I do it an error is showing up. I wonder why. Mine is a Leopard MAC OS X 10.5.5 Leopard. Maybe thats the reason!
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