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Comment on "WebObjects Could Learn From Rails"
by helge — Feb 04
I do not understand the hype around Ruby. I mean yeah it would be great to do all coding the smalltalk-way. But this willl not happen.

WebObjects is not only a Framework-Collection, its a Framework-Collection with a track-record in stable and high-performing apps. And its at the same time a track record in regard to a real CASE-Tool-Suite (Computer Aided Design), which consists of WebObjects Builder (GUI), EOModeller (Data), xCode (Business Logic) these three tools are integrated and bring you productivity.

I think if you calculate development costs then deployment costs are only a marginal question compared to the total volume. In the end deployment under Mac OS X Server may be the cheapest you can get (if you think TCO).

I would never switch back to a script-language which mixes SQL-statements right in the code. No this is clearly not what I expect from a technology 21st century style.

WebObjects only needs some refurbishment for things like CSS, AJAX, JavaMAIL integration, RSS-Feeds and perhaps an adaptor for ObjectOriented Databases and they are top in business again.

Problem is, that Apple does not give even one clear statement what they are planning on WebObjects's future. And that is a major barrier for enterprises to jump on it. One clear statement from Apple would be able to solve this!
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