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Comment on "Apple Can't Use Microsoft's Model"
by Ben — Feb 17
Scott, once again you articulate yourself wonderfully. I believe you've hit the nail on the head about Apple and their OS.

We can't forget that Journalists like to move and shake, they like the noise. They forget or ignore the facts.

I mean, seriously, where is Joe Average going to download the drivers for his ICantPronouceThisBrand VIA chipset motherboard so he might run OS X on his old-school AMD 1800+ ?

And if the perception is people don't "get" OS X and the best way for them to "get" it would be to install the actual OS in a dual-boot so they might be able to move between XP/OSX? Again try telling Joe Average what dual-boot is, he'll look at you dumbly and think you're crazy. Let's take it even further, ever tried to explain to someone what virtualisation is, OMG what an effort?

No, selling OS X in a box on a shelf for Windows people to switch to OS X on their existing weird-ass no-name system would have to be one of the craziest things I've ever heard.

The consumer market is a massive market, and the geek-133t market is such a picky one. Even if Jobs released OS X to mass market, he'd be booed by the same people that pushed it simply because of driver support.

Go Apple! (In 2 days it will be my 1 year switch anniversary, yay!)
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