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Comment on "Initial Xbox 360 Impressions"
by Ben — Feb 28
Thanks, that's a great little review. Being in Australia I've not seen the new xbox, and so I cannot comment. But I've found that a lot of the general internet media (being reviews or eMagazines) appear to be putting down the 360, yet listening personal level the reviews have put the 360 in a great light.

I've listened to Dvorak hype it up (but can we believe anything he says?), Alex on the diggnation podcast appears to love the 360, and now you Scott appear smitten.

There seems to be a lot of negative press about the 360 floating around, why does this exist? Is it because of the fan noise? The power brick? Who started this negative trend?

Again, not seeing it I cannot comment, but I find it hard that Microsoft would offer a new iteration of their console line without upping the quality of game/graphic/sound. And like any console ever released in the past, it appears that from a technical/programmatic point-of-view the true range of the product will not be seen for a year or two.

Thanks for the review, I will pass it on to a mate of mine. He's got one of these babies on pre-order and will probably like to be comforted with his preorder decision.
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