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Comment on "Apple Rails Article Has Subtle Message"
by Scott Stevenson — Feb 28
Rails is probably very nice but the Nextstep revolution was the tools like interface builder. The scripting developers and rails developers specifically seem to turn away from that and use the language more.

I see Cocoa as much more than Interface Builder. I also think the IB issue is less significant in a web environment. Rails has scaffolding, which tackles the same problem from a slightly different angle.

I think cocoa and rails are therefor at two oposite sites of a debate

Compared to what else is out there, Rails and Cocoa have a lot in common in terms of overall goals and the actual experience of sitting down to write an app. If you see WebObjects through the lens of WebBuilder and EOModeler, things will look different.

I do think webobjects is going to have a hard time competing with jsf and sun studio creator.

I think it's a moot point. It looks like there's a bit of a rebellion in the making against Java. That's not to say Java is going away anytime in the next decade, but momentum seems to be shifting to simpler, more accessible solutions.

I also don't think that Studio Creator (and, by extension, WebBuilder) is in line with the way most sites are created nowadays. Some larger companies may try to wedge their workflow into this kind of tool, but I don't think it's the type of approach that comes naturally at this point. Desktop and web apps just aren't the same thing.
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