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Comment on "Apple Rails Article Has Subtle Message"
by Alaskamike — Feb 28
I must say i find it easier to program and debug in java then in perl or python...
That's a pretty bold statement. I have more experience with python than either java or perl, but I tried the other two first and gave up - I could never get my head around java (I think you should be able to create a "Hello World" app without a textbook in any language after about a half hour of study. Java's syntax required way too much coding for me. Perl, on the other hand, is extrememly terse, and I found it easier to write slightly wordier scripts in python than to look up all of the cool functions in perl. The two things I like about python are that it's easy to learn, and that it's easy to read. Right now I'm working my way through a book on Cocoa with the intent of coding in PyObjC. Sorry if this is slightly off topic.
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