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Comment on "Review of Feb 28 Apple Announcements"
by Murph — Feb 28
"I really think you have to factor in the value of iLife and Mac OS X versus XP Home Edition."

Well said Scott..

A few months ago I helped a retired couple pick out a new computer for themselves, and I wasn't going to force them into learning a new OS, so they chose a Dell laptop. After setting the machine up, I found out that it came pre-installed with demo versions of crapware by Corel: PhotoAlbum and some others. I had to remove those, and find some capable replacements, being Picasa..etc.

I now just got a phone call last week from them, and they were worried about a Trend Micro message informing them their antivirus subscription is running out after 3 months (another trial version). They almost paid the $80 fee to renew. I'm sure Corel and Trend Micro paid Dell to install demo versions..what a great way to market your software.

The point of this story is that we could have spent easily another $100 on software that should be included (good thing they didn't want to make home movies). Buy and Mac, plug it in, and instantly do everything a computer is capable of in a digital lifestyle.

Mac OS X "raises the bar" of what a computer experience should be like. No one should have to hate their computer. The Apple HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) are what switched me and why [strike]I spent[/strike] am spending so much time learning to develop for the Mac. Standards for software design are so important to me.
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