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Comment on "Review of Feb 28 Apple Announcements"
by Eric Trepanier — Mar 01
Scott, you seem to imply that built-in, standard wireless support (AirPort+Bluetooth) is new with those Intel Mac minis and that it, in part, explains the increased price tags on them. Yet here I am typing-away on my 499$ PPC Mac mini, purchased last November, *with* built-in standard wireless support. This is not an Intel-first feature.

If these were new Intel PowerMac (or Mac Pro?) then I would not complain. These machines are very expensive to start with and anyone who can spare the dough to buy one can afford an extra 100$ (or a few) if some new-fangled feature or two justifies it.

But one of the major value-proposition of the Mac mini is its (low) price and I think that a 20% increase is going to be a turn-off for many (would've been for me). Granted there's a couple of sweet new features to look forward to (I *really* dig the remote and Bonjour-enabled Front Row) but I still think they should have made an effort to leave the price unchanged.

Now I am sure that the new Intel Mac minis will sell well regardless (probably better than its PPC-based uncle), but it would have sold even more at $499. And more Mac minis = bigger market share, more Apple accessories & software sales, more enticement for better 3rd party hardware and software support.

Now, one thing I did notice in the new Intel Mac mini specs is that they have digital line-in and -out. Is *that* an Intel-first? I was under the impression that my Mac mini did not have digital audio support. Was I mistaken all along?

PS: Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your site design and I am a big fan of your Cocoa tutorials. I was really amused at John G.'s comments regarding the fact you're not really a professional Web developer (or designer, not sure I remember which). In any case, I'd proudly call myself a professional Web designer if I could *design* Web stuff half as well as you do. Cheers and keep those excellent Cocoa tutorials coming!
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