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Comment on "Apple Rails Article Has Subtle Message"
by Erik Price — Mar 01
I must say i find it easier to program and debug in java then in perl or python...
That's a pretty bold statement. I have more experience with python than either java or perl, but I tried the other two first and gave up - I could never get my head around java (I think you should be able to create a "Hello World" app without a textbook in any language after about a half hour of study.

He didn't say it's easier to learn Java than Perl or Python, he said it's easier to program and debug. He then cited tools. Having programmed extensively in Java and in Python, I can completely understand and agree with someone who says that it is easier to program in Java, and this is mainly due to the incredible tools support. And I'm a rabid Python fan. Also, no disrespect intended, but Java is a big language, and you need more than a half hour to understand some of the basics, including what's needed for a "Hello World". It's unfortunate that the initial learning curve is so steep, but once you get over it a lot of things start to make sense, as they tend to enforce consistency (such as starting a program from a static main method, or using a classpath instead of hardcoding file path references to libraries). Fortunately, Python, Ruby, and friends exist to let us write totally sweet well-designed OO programs without all that overhead required by Java.
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