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Comment on "Apple Rails Article Has Subtle Message"
by Igor Clark — Mar 02
Apple has smartly decided to give public recognition to Mac OS X's preferred status in the Rails community and post an article on Rails basics at ADC. The side effect of this, though, is that WebObjects is pushed even further into obscurity. Whether intentional or not, the message here is that Ruby deserves a featured article and WebObjects does not.

Well, Rails has the 'new'/'latest & greatest' buzz around it, so it serves Apple well to be associated with it. There's a lot of WO documentation on the developer site, and it's highlighted/featured when there's (e.g.) a new release.

However, more importantly, again the message here is really that if people want to use Macs to develop Rails applications with, then that suits Apple just fine because they'll have to buy those Macs to do it with. Posting the article can't possibly hurt Apple - if Rails comes to be perceived as the best way to make web apps, then if you can get people to associate Rails with Macs - of course, for perfectly valid reasons, like Ruby has been in OS X since whenever, like Mac has great developer tools etc - then you do Apple's bottom line good.
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