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Comment on "What if April 1st Isn't a Big Deal?"
by Ben — Mar 02
Perhaps part of the problem is that Apple appears to be concentrating on moving from the PPC to Intel CPU. This would take a massive amount of the engineers resources and time. This (one would assume) will slow the production of new technology and innovation. Especially with a CEO, that I imagine will be daily wanting progress reports and scheduling rollout dates.

So with Apple busy on the move to Intel, I doubt that we will see a new product, or a major overhaul of an existing one. We've already seen the iMac, MacBook Pro and now the Mac Mini remain static with design and new features. Don't get me wrong, these products are great. But what is really different between the iMac range? or Mini? or even the MacBook Pro.

I know that I am generalising, but my point is. Perhaps everyone should take a breathe, relax and just allow Apple to rollout their Intel CPU computers. And we should be happy.
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