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Comment on "How to Fix a Problem That Doesn't Exist"
by Jarl Robert Kristiansen — Mar 07
A point here is that many Windows users have their pc so that they can maintain it. This is a fenomena mostly found among the Windows users, and seem to be absent from the mac community, most likely caused by the absense of fixes needed.

Theese Windows "fixers" seem quite happy with it though, scanning their harddrives, updating their firmware while lurking around in the big mysterius universe of their OS called Dos, and they have also been known to upgrade their ram when the appropriate three months of computing are over.

PS! don't be afraid to approach theese "fixer's"; while they might seem focused and somewhat dangerous, they mostly ignore any attemt of sosial communication, so it's quite safe to have a little look at them while they are searching for the latest in patches..
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