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Comment on "Possible Reasons for WWDC in August"
by Ben — Mar 08
So WWDC is in August, is this different to other years? I don't know and would love to know what it moved from. What month is it generally held? I see a lot of sites and articles mentioning that it's been moved to August, but I can't find how it's different to other years.

I would love to see some leopard stuff come out of Apple. My strategy - if I were Apple - wait until Windows Vista is feature locked. This means that MS has stopped development on new ideas/features and will only be working on bugs and testing (this would have to be a massive task on such a mammoth project). Once Vista is locked into place, Apple springs the "you're at least a generation behind" on Microsoft once again. And there will be parties and dancing in the street and the Apple base will rejoice. Yay!
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