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Comment on "You Wouldn't Say That if it Was Microsoft"
by Gavin — Mar 14
iTunes can import WMA and OGG files, but you need to convert them to a compatible format for iPod: therefore, it is an iPod requirement.

Additionally, iTunes can play any QuickTime supported video format, but iPod requires a different format (basically H.264). Again, this is an iPod requirement.

In response to the article as a whole, iPod+iTunes should be considered the same thing. You generally can't use your iPod without iTunes... and iTunes is free, it relies entirely on the very capacious and free QuickTime, an can play files from sources other than the iTunes Music Store.

I don't see too many devices playing unprotected AAC files, either.

Generally speaking, iPod is a mirror of your iTunes Library. We should stop focusing on iPod, and focus on iTunes. Scott's point about the two growing-up together is very valid. They became popular together and in no way has one been forced upon the purchaser, who, by the way, understood the system requirements before purchasing and using the products (all Software License Agreements considered).
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