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Comment on "You Wouldn't Say That if it Was Microsoft"
by Scott Stevenson — Mar 24
To that extent, how can you characterize the intent of a community?

That's a fair point. So I need to back off a bit and say that the Linux community, as whole, seems to not have a problem with using the Windows/Office design as a model. This may actually make more sense for the enterprise world, as business will be less scared of something that looks the same.

When a company locks customers into its products and services denies access to competitors in the market, the very act of quelling choice, a monopoly is born

Tying products together has nothing to do with a monopoly per say. The fact that you can't play PlayStation 2 games on an Xbox doesn't seem to bother anyone.

However, if Sony somehow prevented Microsoft from entering the market by blackmailing developers (which did not happen), then yes, that would be a bad situation that resulted from a monopoly.
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