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Comment on "iMac Core 2 Duo Review"
by James Cunningham — Sep 16
I'm going to have to agree with ssp: portability is of paramount importance to my computing habits. I like having my primary machine with me when I go on vacations, visit friends, or - hell - am on the couch half-watching a television show.

I bought my first Mac in the Spring: a G4 Mac Mini. I regret the purchase, now, because if I'd just splurged a bit to buy notebook I wouldn't have to go all over campus finding a display with peripherals to use the machine with all of my work and play on it.

It suppose it's another issue if you're able to afford both a decent notebook and a decent desktop, and have a good way to keep information synced between them. But those don't apply to me. At this point I don't see myself ever again buying a desktop to use as my primary machine.
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