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Comment on "iMac Core 2 Duo Review"
by Bob — Sep 16
You can get a 20" 2.16 GHz iMac w/SuperDrive for $1500.

Or, you could get a 13" 2 GHz MacBook w/SuperDrive for $1300 and then buy a 20" LCD for $300. Total price is $1600 and you get a portable machine plus a lot of screen real-estate (20" + 13") when it's on your desk. Of course, you get less RAM, a smaller HD, lame speakers and probably slower graphics (which you probably only care about if you play 3D games). But you gain portability.

That's the choice I made (except I've got a 12" PowerBook). I bought a monitor with a long enough neck that the bottom of the monitor is above the top of the PowerBook's screen so I've got the benefit of two monitors without using horizontal desk space.
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