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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Scott Stevenson — Nov 18
Now, I'm not saying that Disco causes mayhem or anything of the nature, but it is clear that it isn't a stable application

I haven't used Disco much so I have no idea how stable it is (I rarely burn discs). Clearly, the application should do what it says it does, but even if Disco has bugs, it's hardly alone in that. In other words, I think it's beside the point of this particular post.

and it isn't very UI friendly.

Not sure what you mean by this.

This allowed them to gain postive feedback and suggestions as well as having a group of people that would help them find any bugs that they may have missed during development. I think that if Disco's developers would have taken a similar stance, we would be using a much better application.

This is more about the development and release process whereas I'm talking about design decisions.
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