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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by John West — Nov 18
I don't really have a point to make but I feel like I need to say this anyway... .

The great thing about apps like Disco and Delicious Library is that they make computing fun and interesting. I've been a Mac user since 1984 and in the early days I could sit down and just play with MacPaint and explore the OS for hours at a time. It was just plain fun. Around the release of System 8 it began to be significantly less so. Not necessarily because of the state of the OS or quality of the apps, but the condition of Apple Computer was such that interesting work wasn't really getting done anywhere, either at Apple or by third-parties. At the beginning of the OS X era the Mac started to become more interesting, but mostly that was due to how different OS X was from the previous incarnations. Since 10.3 the Mac has become really fun again. It's not quite up to the level when I would check the info-mac recent directory several times a day looking for cool new apps, but it's getting there.

Can you imagine Disco running on Windows? I can't.

Regardless of the actual utility of these kind of apps, they're very much rooted in the Mac experience. I don't use DL or Disco, but I'm glad they exist.
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