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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Marc — Nov 18
i think the real problem for developers with the "delicious generation" is, that end-users in common do not recognize the hard work that was neccessary to build a good product. the things that make up a good programmer is hiding the nuts and bolts from the user, solving a real problem and keep away the technical difficulties. so the one who uses the software just notices that it does its thing well and feels snappy, but has no clue that someone had a real hard time and put much of his brain into it.

so, to be a little more abstract a "good" programmer is somewhat like a ballet dancer who is performing hard and smiling to hide away from the audience what pain it is and let them have a good time, whereas someone who actually writes a wrapper around work of someone else with a fancy gui, can be realized as a bad singer who elates people through a bloated show with fireworks and a huge video wall, hiding the bad singing and let the audience have a good time.

well, all i want to say is, that it is much harder to earn attention with substance and many developers may be jealous of the quick success of fun software like disco. not at least because they feel their work not been recognized as they act in the background, not exciting the masses. because maybe people may get their work done with their software and who's excited about that? but perhaps they make their life a little easier.

sorry for my bad english, that was hard.
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