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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Scott Stevenson — Nov 18
For a start, the main window is fixed at a tiny size and cannot be resized.

I agree with you about this as well as the file navigation, but it's not clear to me if this was a design decision or they just punted to get the first version out the door.

All of this sounds so similar to what was said about Mac OS X when it first came out. The behaviors of the views can be changed, but a lot of the criticism seems to center on the idea of Disco more than the implementation.

The transparency is ugly when it's not sitting on a clean background.

I guess that's a personal judgement.

But it seems to me we're being asked to pay $15 for built-in Finder functionality in a 'nice' (subjective) wrapper

So don't buy it? If you already bought it and it doesn't create usable discs, ask for a refund. If they won't give you refund, let me know.

Disco's creators spent a day making a disk-burning app, and 6 months working on the graphics.

How do you know that?

It's these same people who are annoyed with it; they thought they were getting a dedicated disk-burning package to rival toast.

At the $5 pre-order price? Who? Isn't Toast $80?
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