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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Scott Stevenson — Nov 20
Because the negative reaction has largely centered around the custom UI

True, but much of the positive reaction has centered around the custom UI as well.

They're are a number of developers who are upset that Apple's HCI guidelines are being ignored for the sake of eye-candy, including Apple themselves

People can label things all day if they like, but I don't think it matters. Apple's had quite a bit of success with ProKit and such, not to mention third party developers. People seem to like things that look nice.

I don't know how many Mac developers ever even read the guidelines. What if Apple updated the guidelines and just gave the thumbs up to eye candy? Would the same developers still have a problem? I don't think it's about the guidelines, really.

The term "eye candy" is, in my opinion, very polarizing. It implies that any visually pleasing element which doesn't have a functional purpose is excessive. There are many steps between spartan and gaudy, it's just that not everyone agrees where the optimal place is (if there is one).

Had they used standard aqua, the app might not have even registered on the radar

It's possible. I guess we'll never know. I think the $5 pre-release sale might have pushed it over the top too.
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