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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Wombat — Nov 20
I think there is a huge market for Photoshop replacement. I would pay for a tool that exports files in JPG, PNG and GIF. Can preview compression. Can work with index colour palettes. Can crop, resize, adjust colour, brightness and contrast, can work with type and layers, and has cropping paths. That's all. This is the functionality I use in Photoshop 95% of the time. And yes of course, unlike the real Photoshop, I would like this app to look good! Is this hard to do? Surely not 10 years of work. Look at Cheetah3d. That is an excellent Cocoa 3d animation, modelling and rendering software. I believe it's done by single developer. So bitmap editor can't be that hard. Ok, maybe harder then some Core Data application, but possible.
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