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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Dan Price — Nov 20
Is there really a big demand for a PhotoShop replacement? OK, so PS is expensive, bloated, non-UB and the UI is a little dated, but is there another reason?

I would pay for a tool that exports files in JPG, PNG and GIF. Can preview compression. Can work with index colour palettes. Can crop, resize, adjust colour, brightness and contrast, can work with type and layers, and has cropping paths. That's all.

There are several graphics-apps available that are worth checking out:

Most people don't need PS for most tasks, but there is a certain prestige that comes with using the market-leading graphics app.

Photoshop alone has been shaped by some very talented developers for nearly 20 years now. No one schmoe working by himself or even a few schmoes working together is going to replace that

Actually, PS 1.0 was originally developed by just two developers and they didn't have the tools that every OSX user gets. Yes, someone could produce a PS replacement, but in a market already saturated with graphics apps, is there any point?
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