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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Scott Stevenson — Nov 20
@Dan Price Is there really a big demand for a PhotoShop replacement? OK, so PS is expensive, bloated, non-UB and the UI is a little dated, but is there another reason?

Do we need another? :) If this isn't that big of a deal, we might as well all be on Windows. Adobe hasn't indicated that it's willing to take advantage of Mac-specific frameworks for Photoshop (other than things things like Accelerate), so we're all missing out right now.

A Cocoa-centric Photoshop replacement could be faster, smaller, look much nicer and integrate well with the platform. I don't think it's too much to ask considering how much we pay for Photoshop. All of this applies to Illustrator, too.

There are several graphics-apps available that are worth checking out:

These are graphic editing apps but they're really not contenders for a 2D bitmap design tool. Lineform is looking good, but it's aiming more for Illustator. What I'm looking for is something that would be useful to mock up a web site or application user interface.

In any case, Lineform is a good example of what can happen if you don't overthink Adobe's position. They write code like anyone else, and we have to write a lot less of it than they do. Not to mention it was a student project.

Most people don't need PS for most tasks, but there is a certain prestige that comes with using the market-leading graphics app.

True, but these aren't the people I'm talking about.

Yes, someone could produce a PS replacement, but in a market already saturated with graphics apps

The professional market is not saturated. There's really only one option. Remember the video market before Final Cut came out?

(responding to part two) but the lack of big names producing Mac software has not hurt the platform one bit - quite the opposite in fact.

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