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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Scott Stevenson — Nov 20
none other than OS-level Photoshop filters, I was wondering: what's the core audience of this? [...] What developers want to use graphics filters?

The effects are just a result of the bigger story: GPU-accelerated 2D graphics handling. I bet more apps are using Core Image than you realize.

Then came motion effects... and still, nobody uses them other than Apple for its own pro apps

You might be right, I don't know. But ironically, when Apple doesn't expose their private API, people complain that they're keeping all the good stuff to themselves.

It's also worth considering that not all apps are released to the public. I suspect some markets (scientific?) buy a bunch of hardware and use it to run custom software.

So yeah, where's a Photoshop killer? This is part of a bigger problem or dilemma, namely the Cocoa vs. cross-platform debate. Few developers ourside Apple want to throw huge resources at developing Cocoa (i.e. Mac only) apps.

Apple is one of the few big developers on any platform (not counting ludicrously expensive vertical enterprise apps). There are only about a dozen, right? Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Quark are the obvious ones.

A Mac-only Photoshop replacement may be practical where a cross-platform one is not. The frameworks make the task doable, and Mac customers are, by definition, willing to venture out of the status quo.
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