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Comment on "The Wrong Way for the Right Reasons"
by Wombat — Nov 21
My Dream Spreadsheet.

Ironically, recently I actually had to use a spreadsheet. I downloaded OpenOffice, but I could not stand the UI. It's not just the xWindows, but OpenOffice interface is a copy of Microsoft Office. This is great for Microsoft users, but for me ... welcome to UI nightmare.

So the term My Dream Spreadsheet. was not such a joke. I found an application called Tables. I believe it's done by a German developer, it's built using Cocoa framework, and it looks and behaves just like a mac application should. For mac user, Tables is a pleasure to use. I paid the 45 euro license, and have been happy ever since. In my language we have a saying that goes something like this: "Purpose ordains instruments".

With lot of the ideas on My Dream App I am somehow missing the "purpose" part of the application. Spreadsheet has a definitive purpose. Yes a boring one, but sometimes needed. And I think it's great that there is a mac developer who dedicates his time and skill to building a good looking cocoa spreadsheet, rather then working on some "Atmosphere - a virtual window to the outdoor - my dream app" type of nonsense.
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