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Comment on "iPod Shuffle and Zune Ads Compared"
by Jens Tenhaeff — Nov 27
What strikes me as the biggest difference between the Zune and the iPod is the fact that the iPod-ads are inclusive while the Zune-ads are exclusive.

By this I mean that all of the Zune-ads I have seen so far focus on a very narrow and specific sub-set of their potential audience, thereby excluding everyone else (i.e. people over 30 with a mortgage and without tattoos).

The iPod-ads on the other hand are open enough to include practically everyone. Although they feature "young" people as well, these are pictured in such an abstracted manner that anybody can identify with them, because everybody was young once. Back in the 80s, I was shaking it like any iTunes-silhouette out there. But these Zune-kids are too "now". I can't abstract from their very time-specific appearance and find myself in there.

AFAIK George W. Bush has an iPod. Could you picture him with a Zune, after seeing those kids?
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