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Comment on "Official Chocolate of This Site"
by Bill Coleman — Dec 06
When my wife's iBook died this summer (a long story that took too many trips back in order to finally get it fixed - it's as good as new now), she found a Lindt chocolate store right next to the Apple store. So, each trip, she'd come home with no iBook, but with more chocolate.

The 65% stuff is just about in the right spot -- very chocolately, but still sweet. The Lindt 70% bars are my favorite. One square and you've gotten your chocolate dose for the day. 85% is almost too chocolate, but still tasty.

Don't waste your time with the 99% stuff unless you are going to chase it with hot coffee. Cold, it has almost no flavor, because the cocoabutter doesn't melt effectively in your mouth.

Now, the Lindt stuff doesn't have cacao nibs. (Be sure you pronounce this correctly, with a long "ee" sound for the "i") <grin>
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