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I saw this while waiting in line at the grocery. It just sort of speaks to me for some reason.

Cacao Reserve Wrapper

There's the obvious fact that it's a Cocoa product, which is essentially enough in itself. But they actually spell Cocoa the best possible way, and they're kind enough to use a dark-red base for the design.

And it's not just chocolate, it's chocolate with Cacao Nibs. Does it get any better? I could also point out that this is a "cocoa wrapper," but maybe that's not actually funny.

So anyway, they have a website. If you click the link on the splash page, you end up on the Flash-based site:

Hershey's Site

The introduction text reads, in part:

The world is a complex, exciting place. So is the world of chocolate. It's dynamic. It's subtle. There is far more to discover here than one would ever think.

Dynamic and subtle. You can't make this stuff up.
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Official Chocolate of This Site
Posted Dec 6, 2006 — 15 comments below


ssp — Dec 06, 06 2589

If the spelling of cocoa / cacao is at your heart then you'll love shopping for it in Germany: word

Dan Price — Dec 06, 06 2590

So it's pronounced 'Theo-ka-kow'?

So what does the chocolate actually taste like? Is it as 'lickable' as aqua? :D

Damien Pollet — Dec 06, 06 2591

Extra dark? add 20% more cocoa and I'll agree :)

Olivier — Dec 06, 06 2592

Er, 65% is not extra dark, it's just dark enough to be called dark without getting laughed at or sued (depending on whether you're in Switzerland or in the U.S.A.)

Is it any better than Hershey's Milk Chocolate? I had the opportunity to try it two days ago and I found out that it tastes almost, but not quite, entirely unlike chocolate.

Gerard — Dec 06, 06 2593

I always found Hershey's Milk Chocolate has an after taste not unlike the taste of vomit. Most unpleasant.

Tom Burns — Dec 06, 06 2594

I've always thought the same about Scharffenberger's Nibby Bars, discussed here. They're quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten, and combine my love for bad nerd humor and chocolate in a way that goes down smooth.

Bill Coleman — Dec 06, 06 2595

When my wife's iBook died this summer (a long story that took too many trips back in order to finally get it fixed - it's as good as new now), she found a Lindt chocolate store right next to the Apple store. So, each trip, she'd come home with no iBook, but with more chocolate.

The 65% stuff is just about in the right spot -- very chocolately, but still sweet. The Lindt 70% bars are my favorite. One square and you've gotten your chocolate dose for the day. 85% is almost too chocolate, but still tasty.

Don't waste your time with the 99% stuff unless you are going to chase it with hot coffee. Cold, it has almost no flavor, because the cocoabutter doesn't melt effectively in your mouth.

Now, the Lindt stuff doesn't have cacao nibs. (Be sure you pronounce this correctly, with a long "ee" sound for the "i") <grin>

MiGrant — Dec 06, 06 2596

Bah. Another corporate pseudo-craft product. Hershey's is the Microsoft of chocolate.

Ben — Dec 06, 06 2597

Funny, because I just sort of assumed since starting to visit your blog that this was your muse:
But maybe they're only local to Seattle-- their wrappers actually say Theo and Cacao on them.

Steve-o — Dec 06, 06 2598

Yah, I'm afraid I'm with the majority on this one:

Hershey's = ew, and

65% = barely anything remotely close to dark chocolate.

but the packaging is kinda neat.

Scott Stevenson — Dec 06, 06 2599 Scotty the Leopard

In my head, I pronounce the site name as "Thee-oh-ko-ko." The spelling is my attempt to be fancy or something. It's how the scientific name for the Cocoa plant is spelled.

I'm not much of a chocolate person in general, but when I am, the darker the better. Most chocolate is too sweet for my taste. I like something more subtle, with a harsh exterior and a sweetness you have to search for.

Paul Collins — Dec 10, 06 2620

I must put in a plug for my home town's Dagoba Organic Chocolate:

Their nationally-distributed bars come in exquisite flavors from latte to lime, very serious darks and yes, Cacao Nibs.

OTOH, I steer clear of Endangered Species, which started out cool but was hijacked from its founder.

Choco — Dec 12, 06 2653

I have to second the recommendation for Dagoba, especially the Xocolatl variety. 74% dark, nibs, chilies, nutmeg, and other spices. Whew.

Arne Martin Aurlien — Dec 12, 06 2654

Actually, I've never tasted anything from Hershey's that even resembled "good". Actually, I find it quite remarkable that they are able to take CHOCOLATE, the one and only true and perfect thing in the universe, and turn it as appalling as they do. They're even worse than Cadbury. And "dark" chocolate? In proper places 70% is "regular" chocolate.

Uli Kusterer — Dec 13, 06 2663

Dark chocolate, *chuckles in disbelief*!

(sorry, I'm Swiss)


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