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Comment on "The Impact of MacHeist"
by Chuck — Dec 17
You really think a lot of people who "will actively seek out and pay for software that isn't sitting on store shelves" haven't heard of the most successful indieware on the platform? It seems to me that the people who buy into MacHeist are the ones who will not normally buy your software. In fact, that's exactly what Wil Shipley suggested in his interview.

I get what you're saying here, but I still really question the usefulness of this to developers. Gus has posted solid numbers on how lopsided the spoils of MacHeist are, which is one thing. But I'm also thinking of Steve Harris' post about how harmful MacZOT was to his business. These devs are all grown-ups, and they have a right to take whatever risks they want, but I'm still not entirely comfortable with the situation.

Anyway, just for myself (seriously, not trying to sound preachy), I'd rather pay the developers for their apps than Mr. Ryu. Aside from FotoMagico, I'd say they're all pretty reasonably priced even without the bundle.
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