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Comment on "The Impact of MacHeist"
by ssp — Dec 17
Now I've read so many things about that MacHeist stuff, and you don't even give me a link to see it in person. That much appreciation?

What struck me when seeing their $50 offer was that while this may be great bundle savings of all those apps they offer I'd be interested in a single one. (Which I have already registererd.) The other applications seem either pointless by themselves to me or I didn't consider them to be particularly good when trying them.

So apart from the developers (who as you correctly point out should be sufficiently grown up to decide how to peddle their products) I'm wondering how good a deal the customers of this will be getting? Of the people who are impulse-buying this bunch of licenses now, how many will regularly use more than one of the applications next summer?

On the other hand, software buyers are obviously grown up enough to decide what to waste their money on as well :)
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